Everything But The Kitchen Sink

My brother and I eagerly climbed up into the back of our 1977 burgundy Oldsmobile Station Wagon. Because vacations of my childhood always began in the pre-twilight hours when most of the world was tucked into their beds, my parents folded down the … [Read more...]

Live in the Moment

God's been speaking to me lately. I'm glad I've been able to recognize His voice admist the noise that is my life.  Remember, I have 5 boys all under the age of 7.  And a naturally loud husband.  My life is noisy. I'll read something here.  Hear … [Read more...]

at home

I seem to be of few words and many emotions these days. Instead of getting lost in words I just lay my heart out and seek. And in the midst of all of this, I keep thinking of one thing:   Today I feel at home. Today my home is here. “Home is … [Read more...]

A Beautiful Journey

After fifteen years of waiting on God to reveal the details of the call He placed on my life when I was fifteen (yes, I'm 30 now), I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude as He finally begins to reveal the specifics of His plan after all this time. … [Read more...]