To Need Him More

  It recently occurred to me that fear dictates much of what I do and don't do. When I feel God has placed something on my heart, I dismiss it because I'm not good enough and surely He didn't mean for me to do that? I think that I have to … [Read more...]

Taking a DIY leap!

I do not DIY.  I like to buy things already done for me; none of this do it yourself, time consuming, and very messy project that never turns out they way it looks in the picture stuff.   WELL, I decided to DIY some cute food for a family picnic to … [Read more...]

Be Strong in the Lord

                          What if I fail?  How many of us never try because we are afraid of failure?  Of course, we don’t want to embarrass ourselves.  We don’t want to look the fool either.  We certainly don’t want to give people something to … [Read more...]