Christmas Candle Covers

ahh! the holidays are here. our tree went up this morning after rearranging some living room furniture & reminding myself it will only look crowded for 25 days -- then everything will be back to normal again. for now -- the big douglass fir is … [Read more...]

Do not fear… Mod Podge!

This month our theme has been about being Fearless! Last week I shared a post from Handmade by Hilani called, "Do not fear... the sewing machine!" This week I want to welcome the darling Amy Anderson from Mod Podge Rocks! She dishes out daily craft … [Read more...]

do not fear.. DIY

do you fear DIY? is it the materials? the projects? the outcome? do you fear the time you spend will be in vain? do you fear the cost of the materials? are you just unsure of yourself? OVER THE NEXT SEVERAL weeks i will host some experts in the … [Read more...]