Show the Love


February is upon us!  The month in which we celebrate love and all the forms it takes in our relationships.   We send cards, make treats, and in general show the love on that one day.  And some of us decorate our homes with reminders of the … [Read more...]

4 Valentine’s Day Crafts

Now that my son is in preschool, I have been drawn to looking at fun craft ideas on Pinterest as inspiration for fun things to do for his teacher or other family members. They are fun ways to celebrate "Hallmark holidays" ( as my husband would say!) … [Read more...]

Love Your Body Workout

Love is in the air!  Valentine's Day is today and there are signs of love all around us.  Today I am here to talk about someone, or more specifically, something that needs some extra lovin' this Valentine's Day.  It's not your husband, kids, friends, … [Read more...]

Remember Romance?

I completely get why so many folks what to forego Valentine's Day.  It is crazy over-commercialized.  I'm tired of seeing so much pink & frilly things lining the aisles of every store.  The pressure to be romantic, especially if this isn't an … [Read more...]

Take Back Valentine’s Day

What is Valentine's Day all about?  Do you know?  Something cooked up in the marketing departments of Hallmark, Hershey's and FTD?  Something about a Saint Valentine and a chubby little, winged baby with love-spreading arrows? What exactly are we … [Read more...]

Bag the Nag

As Dave and I waited in our local pizza shop for our take-out order to come up last week, I glanced through some pages of that day's Wall Street Journal.  Across the front page of one section was "MEET THE MARRIAGE KILLER".  That, along with the … [Read more...]

Bring Your Sexy Back

In this case, Justin Timberlake & Timbaland said it best....GET YOUR SEXY ON.  (Yes, I'm listening to the song right now for inspiration.  Don't is the edited version and the kids are still napping). Forget getting my sexy on.  … [Read more...]