Custom Candle Covers – a simple DIY

i have these two white {boring} candles sitting in sconces that i pass by everyday from my kitchen/dining area to the playroom/office area {see the trend here, everything has a dual purpose around here}.

simple materials

my fav, mod podge

fancy paper

scissors & sponge brush

… and a few boring candles

so in just a few easy steps, we are going to add a bit of green to this wall so i can enjoy passing by so much more.

& now you have perfectly customized-to-your-decorating-taste candle covers.

a few things:

i DO NOT recommend burning these candles AT ALL! just enjoy them as a decor tool.

when you’re done with the color/pattern you chose, add some more mod podge & cover again!

that is all.

i still want to show you some glass jar up-cycling and a toilet paper roll project to finish up our month of Green Living so be sure to stop by throughout the week to look for a few more DIY’s and our other amazing authors posts!

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