Do not fear.. the Sewing Machine!

guess who is here TODAY?!!! a sewing genius. a darling friend. a woman with talent – rockin’ talent.
last week i asked which DIY projects caused you to fear  in my post, “Do not fear.. DIY”  – well, here you go friends {it’s kinda one of mine too – i asked for a REAL sewing machine for my 30th birthday next month}
Hi Everyone,  I’m Hilani (Pronounced: Hill-Lonnie) from over at Handmade by Hilani.  I’m a wife, mom, friend and lover of many things, one being sewing.  I’m so excited to be here today and can’t wait to share with you several of my tips for sewing. 
These tips should give you the confidence to either dust off your sewing machine or nudge you to head out and buy one. Nothing too expensive, a $100 machine should last you forever.  Mine was a gift from someone special, I talk about it in this Denver Post article that was written about me and my business.  

I recently offered a {Sewing Lesson} series over on my Blog.  It was broken down into three parts.  Below you will find excerpts from each Lesson, with links to the full Lesson; ENJOY and Good Luck!

Now let’s get down to business.
{**Lesson 1**}
{  Sewing Needles } 

As mentioned, in the above video, choosing the right needles helps to avoid troubles with your machine, and sewing projects.

Review:  The needles on the left are a bargain, but not the best overall notion to have in your stock.  The life of them isn’t as long as the name brand. They are o.k. to use, for occasional sewing, but for regular sewing, their life is short. 

To view Lesson 1 in its entirety, click here

{**Lesson 2**}

{ Cutting and Sewing Straight Lines }


The above picture points out how to use your clear ruler to make straight Pencil marks, for when you intend to sew at the machine. 

Note: The image above wasn’t cut straight, by both beginning and end points, at a .25 line, line up.  If you were to use the edge of your sewing foot, to sewing, your finished line wouldn’t be straight.
To view Lesson 2 in its entirety, click here

{**Lesson 3**}

{Sewing with Proper Tension}

This project used:
 #12 universal Needle
All Purpose Thread
A Scrap of Broadcloth Fabric

O.k., so obviously looking back at the video we all know the word [Consistently] is a real word and I did not just invent it but I tell you, in the moment it didn’t sound right.  Ha!   It’s like when you type a word and it doesn’t look right but it’s right…that was me…putting a big L on my forehead. 

[Let’s Review]
1.  The Thinner the Fabric, the higher the number on your Tension dial so you see consistent stitching on both sides of your fabric.
2.  Also, view this video for a review of my opinion on metal bobbins and their importance in sewing.

To view Lesson 3 in its entirety, click hereThank you so much Aimee for having me today and trusting in me to share my tips with your readers/community. I’d love to see any of you join my Community on Facebook and also check out what I’m pinning on Pinterest

See you there!


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