feed the birds… a kid-friendly DIY

kids + pine cones + peanut butter + bird seed = LOADS OF FUN!

i love the fall. which means: i am slightly sad since we now live in Southern California and there is not really a shift here to fall. it’s more of a milder summer. with temps in the mid-70’s and a beach date with the kids & husband… yeah, not really feeling fall. we are REALLY missing upstate NY these days!

so basically, if we’re “fall” enough to cover pine cones in PB, then so are you!

SUPPLIES: twine // pine cones // a few tablespoons of PB // bird seed

step 1: wrap some twine around the base of the pine cone // add PB

step 2: sprinkle or roll into the bird seed

step 3: eat the extra PB

step 4: hang & enjoy

so, the next time you see a pine tree with large pine cones scattered all over the ground, hop out of your car, grab them {cautious of the sap!} and bring them home – some to enjoy, some to share & a few to cover in PB + bird seed! your kids will think you are the GREATEST mom {or dad!} ever; mine did!

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