a little Valentine Inspiration

it’s true.

i LOVE loving others.

i love making little cards for my sweet kids.

i love Valentine candy. especially sour sweethearts.

today i am sharing a few of my little ideas. i hope you love them. pin them, make them & enjoy them.


>>> using kids craft foam board + a few blocks we cut out little hearts & glued them onto the end of the block. i am in love.

find a FULL TUTORIAL for how to make a DIY stamp at Small Anchors!


>> we live right next to the ocean. collections of shells and white rocks and broken glass that’s been washed over and picked up by our sweet little kids hands are put in bowls around our home.

we wrapped paper cards in lace doilies, added some little TO & FROM stamps to each card. we then added a little message to our shells and slid everything into a chevron bag.


<<<  using the same stamping method as above, i printed out an outline of a deer head, cut out the shape on foam board and adhered to a leftover wooden block from my husband’s shop and began stamping away.

>>> with a stamping marker i drew a little banner around the top & bottom of the deer stamped card to add a little extra fun! i really love how it dresses up our DIY Faux Mantel that sits in our eat-in kitchen.

>>> last but not least, i made those L – O – V – E using washi tape and hung each card with a mini-clothespin that i drew little arrows on:


>>> i have so many more ideas to make between now and February 14th it almost makes me beyond giddy!!!  — so be sure to come back in 2 weeks for some more Valentine DIY ideas.

did you read FLT last Valentine’s? if not, you should check out some of my handmade button cards {1 of them is PG-13 and designed for your husband!!} and another post encouraged you to HOST a Valentine’s Party!! and i even made some sweet L – O – V – E pillows for our bed! ooh! i should go get those out tomorrow! find the project HERE!

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